Helping you relieve stress – naturally

Do stress and worry keep you from living the life you want?

Are anxious feelings holding you back?

Are you ready for a change?

There is help available Energy healing and shamanic healing are drug free, natural, and effective for stress management, clearing the mind, and calming emotions; for getting “unstuck”.

energy healing 6

Balancing the energy of the head (photo courtesy of ABMP)

How you feel matters! You deserve to live life fully, feeling the best you can. It is possible to let go of anxious thinking and physical or emotional stress that can lower the quality of your life.  Feeling stuck is frustrating!  I know because I’ve been there myself.

Alternative healing methods work well for many people. There is no “one size fits all” remedy.  You are a unique individual and each healing session you receive from me is geared to your specific needs, goals, and situation.

Energy healing photo3

Mind clearing technique  (photo courtesy of ABMP)

My name is Betty Young, and I offer several alternative healing methods for natural stress reduction and spiritual healing. I work with those who are ready for real lasting change in their lives.

Find out if the alternative healing therapy I offer is a good fit for you. Please call me at 515-292-3801 or send a message from my contact page.  Distance healing sessions  are also available.

 Energy healing and shamanic healing complement your medical and mental health care, and are not meant to substitute for appropriate care from your doctor or mental health professional.



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