How can energy healing help me?

If you’re considering trying energy healing or new to the concept, here are a few basic facts I’ve learned over my years of doing this work.

We are all made of energy.

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical bodies are all composed of energy. Our living cells respond to our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and feelings.  Our emotions send us messages important to our lives. This energy is meant to move and flow. It is the stuff of life!

When we try to bury an emotion, ignore a pain, hold on to the past, judge ourselves for thoughts we have or for feeling the way we do, our energy can get congested and build up like clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere before a storm. When this build up of stuck energy becomes overwhelming, it may lead to physical problems.  Barbara Brennan who wrote the energy healing classic, Hands of Light, states that all disease and disharmony begins in the energy field.


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Layer by layer, at a pace that is right for you, energy healing helps you release these clouds of stagnant energy that have built up in your energy atmosphere, (your aura) and find clarity, balance, and harmony underneath. Many of my clients report feeling much lighter after a session.

Energy healing also works with the chakras, the subtle energy centers of your body.

Each of us has seven major chakras, each governing a different area of the body, from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. They are meant to spin freely, but if one or more are sluggish or blocked, your body is not getting the energy needed in those areas. If a chakra is chronically blocked, this could result in physical problems over time. By clearing and balancing the energy centers so they are open and spinning properly, your body has access to more energy and responds with renewed vigor and well-being.

Energy healing is holistic.

You are seen and treated as a whole person, not just a bundle of physical symptoms. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are all taken into account and honored throughout the healing process. We are complex beings, and there is no one-size-fits all cure for anything! Everything is connected!

Energy healing, in partnership with your medical care and mental health care can help you reach your goals for health and well-being.

Physically, energy healing can help you gently ease pain without drugs, relax tension and stress, clear the effects of drugs after surgery or cancer treatments, accelerate healing of wounds, natural tension-headache relief , and much more. When needed, I refer clients to medical professionals.

Emotionally, the energy healing process can support you by creating a safe and sacred space for you to feel your feelings and release them when you are ready. Based on your intention, it can also calm energetic patterns of fear and anxiety. By providing acceptance for your feelings and your healing process, you are gently guided toward self love and self compassion.  Many of my clients see mental health professionals as they work their way through tough emotions.

Mentally, energy healing can help you by bringing unhelpful patterns of thought and belief to your awareness. It can help promote mental clarity by calming and relaxing the mind. Many people that come to me for healing report “overthinking” or “monkey mind”. Energy healing can help you get out of your mind and into your heart and this helps you feel less anxious. Energy healing also helps bring in fresh new energy to your life, new ways of looking at your life, and new insights.

Spiritually, energy healing can help you by strengthening your connection to the divine. It can help you open up and trust the intuitive information and spiritual guidance you receive and allow you to see your life’s problems from a larger perspective. Energy healing can help make room in your mind, body, spirit, and life for growth and expansion into the person your higher self knows you to be.

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Photo courtesy of ABMP

This work does not provide an easy pill that will magically take your problems away.  It is an unfolding process that works in divine time – when your heart and spirit are ready.  The healing begins within you when you hold a strong intention to heal your life.

Energy healing is not a substitute or replacement for your mental health care and medical care.   It can complement your care along with other forms of integrative healing such as acupuncture and massage.

You can’t escape from your energy. To heal your life, you must transform it!

For more information or to schedule a session go to my contact page and send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

Blessings for your journey!



Calm yourself in a few minutes

Are you feeling anxious? 

Here’s an easy way to relieve stress. All you need are your hands, your heart and your voice.

pink water lily

Find a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. Put both hands on your heart and breathe deeply from your belly. Soften and relax your body. Let any tension in your belly, chest, shoulders, neck and jaw and face melt away with each out breath. If you are frowning, let the muscles of your brow relax. This helps calm your mind.

Now tune in and ask your heart what it wants and needs today. The answer may come in the form of a picture in your mind, a memory, a song title, a sudden inspiration, an emotion, a feeling, an insight, a knowing. You may know right away what the answer is, or it may take a little longer for that to be clear. Listen deeply, don’t rush. Your heart is wise beyond the intellect and will never steer you wrong.

After a few minutes begin making an AH sound, keeping your hands on your heart chakra at the center of your chest. Let the sound resonate there. You might have to adjust the pitch up or down to feel it in the heart. Continue making the sound and feeling the vibrations in your heart until you feel calmer and more peaceful. (Do this step silently, or leave it out if you need a quick stress reliever at work.)

Making sounds that vibrate in the body, also called toning, helps calm and relax the mind, body and spirit. It’s fun to experiment with toning for each chakra, and for areas of your body that are tense or uncomfortable. Sound is energy, and it can be directed to any part of your body. Play with the sound of your voice and allow it to relax you.

For more information about toning see Jonathan Goldman’s books about sound healing including:  The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing (2011), The Divine Name (2015), and Healing Sounds (2002).  Also, check out his website at

Journey to the top of the world

Journey of the week, 1-15-16

(Betty’s note: this journey is long, so the first half will be posted now, and the conclusion will be posted next week)

You enter a hollow tree and slide down a fire pole to reach journey space. Landing on the ground, you tumble a bit after falling out of the tree root.

Danger! Fire- a huge wall of orange flame encircles you. Everything in the path of the fire has been consumed, and the flames are creeping closer. The heat almost burns your face. However, a message comes: “Sit still in the center of the circle.”

You sit in on the heated ground quietly, observing the raging fire with no fear. Blinking slowly, time passes. Opening your eyes, the fire has died out and tiny green shoots poke out of the blackened earth between charred stumps. Blinking again, time passes and your opened eyes see a new forest, new growth, fresh green pine and fir saplings reaching for the sun. Blinking once more, time passes and now the forest is mature. Stately old growth trees tower all around the circle, branches interwoven, providing a habitat for all creatures of the woods.

The beautiful evergreen forest calls out somehow, and you set out on a journey. The ground tilts sharply upward after a time, making it more difficult to find footing. The earth is slippery with fallen pine needles.

There is a rope on the ground. It is attached to a strong little burro. Burro tows you upward, helping you make your way up the steep slippery slope up past the tree line to a magnificent ridge, a continental divide. Burro continues on over the ridge and spirals down into the valley. You wish to stay on the ridge, so let go of the tow rope and allow burro to find her way alone. Wind blows at a gale force, almost knocking you off your feet into the valley below – a dangerous and possibly fatal drop. You realize if you become clear and open, the wind will blow right through and you will stay on your feet. Now rain comes and pours down, washes you. Roots grow from your lower body deep into the earth.

There is a flat stone to sit on. Now lightning strikes with huge deafening bolts, so close your hair stands on end, but still you sit on the stone. Unafraid. Soon the storm passes and the view clears. Every landscape on earth is spread out below- meadows, farm fields, rolling hills, rivers, streams, estuaries, the seashore, deserts, caves, rocky places; and every form of aggression know to man plays out in the panorama of life at your feet. You see war, domestic violence, ugly things in several places. The ugliness is dwarfed by the light, beauty, love, kindness, generosity that fills the earth below.  You see, feel, and know these blessings.

To be continued—-