Full spectrum healing session

Full spectrum sessions combine Reiki, Healing Touch, Energy and Shamanic Healing practices as appropriate for your needs.  Healing for the whole of you, mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

60-75 minutes – $75

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Full spectrum healing – multiple session packageSave $25 on 3

Make regular energy healing sessions part of your health routine and save!

3 sessions – $200

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Stress Soother Session

Based on your goals for healing, I choose from a wide variety of energy and/or shamanic healing techniques for these short focused sessions.

30 minutes – $40

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Shamanic Journey

A journey is a visit to the spirit world on your behalf. You receive symbolic channeled information, healing energy, practical information, images and stories meant only for you.


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Shamanic Journey with a detailed written narrative


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Sound healing with vocal toning, drumming and singing bowls

Vocal tones surround you and resonate in your body, bringing your vibrations into harmony. Voice, singing bowls and drumming.  (In person only.)

45 minutes – $60

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Individual lessons for calming, shielding and grounding yourself with easy energy healing techniques and visualizations.

Learn to shield yourself from “energy vampires”.  Discover easy self calming techniques to lower your stress and anxiety levels.

$40 to $75 – Time and cost based on your needs.